Working round the clock to fight Corona Virus : Chennai Corportaion

Working round the clock to fight Corona Virus : Chennai Corportaion

Round the clock operations, staff working on a rotational basis, and the corporation's commissioner himself overseeing activity: that's the Greater Chennai Corporation Corona Control room for you.

Phones ring. Papers are filed. A team of doctors and engineers sit in the control room to answer each call. Often, it's a person asking the doctors about symptoms of Covid-19, the disease caused by the novel coronavirus, Sars-CoV-2.

Others call to report someone who came from abroad but skipped home quarantine.

"It is an abnormal circumstance we are facing. The rate of spread is high, and there is a potential for each individual can spread [the infection] to another 10,000 individuals," said G Prakash, the GCC Commissioner.

"The GCC has taken various measures to control the spread and keep it under safe norms. We identify passengers who come form various countries and other states. We are compelling them to be under home quarantine for 28 days. We also maintain a log of the database and our public health system is in touch with them. There are also counselling sessions."

In addition, there are engineers who coordinate with NGOs and others who wish to contribute, G Prakash says.

As of Wednesday, 4,500 homes within GCC limits were under quarantine, and as many as 1,000 homes have completed the incubation period of 28 days.

There's cross verification: the police and GCC officials are checking on people.

"We will relax control once the remaining 3,500 come out of quarantine. So far, barring a few exceptions, [there are] no big complaints about the people", Prakash said.