Will work together to serve people of Rajasthan, save democracy: CM Ashok Gehlot on return of Sachin Pilot

Will work together to serve people of Rajasthan, save democracy: CM Ashok Gehlot on return of Sachin Pilot

Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot on Wednesday said that he will work together with the disgruntled members of his party who had earlier deserted him and serve the people of the state and strengthen the roots of democracy.

Gehlot further said that the resentment among the Congress MLAs lodged in hotels for a month since the political crisis broke out was “natural” but he has exhorted the legislators to "bear it" to save democracy.

In an apparent reference to the return of Sachin Pilot and other rebel MLAs, the Chief Minister said that he told the MLAs on Tuesday night that they have to bear and work in the interest of people.

A meeting between Pilot and Rahul Gandhi on Monday signaled an "amicable resolution" of nearly a month-long Rajasthan crisis ahead of the crucial assembly session from August 14.

The Congress had said that the crisis in Rajasthan is a "closed chapter" and all legislators supporting its government will work towards strengthening Rajasthan and fighting COVID-19 and other economic calamities

Before leaving for Jodhpur, Gehlot told reporters, "It is natural for them (MLAs) to be upset. The way this episode happened, they had to stay in hotels...So it was natural to be upset. I have exhorted them that in the interest of the country, state, people of the state, and for saving democracy, sometimes we have to bear.”

The MLAs belonging to the Gehlot camp were lodged in hotels for close to a month as the political crisis in the state played out.

“We will work together and our colleagues who have gone have also returned and I hope that all, after settling the complaints and grievances, will work and fulfill our commitment to serving the state,” he said, referring to the rebel MLAs.

“The fight is to save democracy and it will continue. All our MLAs stayed together for such a long time. This is a victory of the people of Rajasthan. It is our duty to serve the people of the state,”  Rajasthan CM Ashok Gehlot said in Jaisalmer. Gehlot reiterated the allegation that the BJP was trying to topple the state government and said it was fully "exposed".

However, it could not succeed in its game...' Satyamev Jayate', Gehlot said. The BJP has in the past denied the allegations leveled by Gehlot

Gehlot said that he recently wrote a letter to all the MLAs asking them to listen to the voice of conscience and people to save democracy and stand with the truth.

“It was the impact of the letter that BJP booked three charter planes to take their MLAs to Gujarat but only one plane could go,” he said.

Gehlot maintained that democracy was maintained in the country due to the contribution of Congress leaders and hoped that democracy is sustained in the country.