"Vikas is our mantra," PM Modi tells to party MPs

Prime Minister Narendra Modi told all BJP MPs at the party's Parliamentary meeting on Tuesday that all MPs should take lead in maintaining peace and harmony in the society.

The comments come on the backdrop of communal violence in Delhi that has claimed over 46 lives. Violent clashes between rival groups in northeast Delhi left entire localities burned down with locals losing assets and their livelihood.

At the Parliamentary meeting, PM Modi also said, "Vikas is our mantra. Peace, unity and harmony are prerequisites for development."

PM Modi also said political interests are "supreme" for some parties but for the BJP, "national interest is above everything".

The Opposition led by Congress has sought to corner the Modi government on the violence in Delhi.

Opposition MPs created a ruckus in Parliament on Monday, which was the first day of the second part of Budget Session and both Houses were adjourned repeatedly. MPs were also seen protesting near the Gandhi statue.

Disruptive protests continued in Parliament even on Tuesday, following which both Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha were adjourned for a few hours.