Vada Chennai 2 needs a big budget : Vetri Maaran

Vada Chennai 2 needs a big budget : Vetri Maaran

Director Vetri Maaran and Dhanush are one of the successful combinations in Kollywood. Their films, Aadukalam and Pollathavan won rave reviews, awards and accolades on a national level. The combo reunited for the third time for Vada Chennai, which turned out to be one of the most celebrated films in 2018.

Vada Chennai was initially announced as a gangster trilogy by Vetri Maaran. But, it looks like Vetri Maaran will not be releasing it back to back. During the press meet of Vada Chennai, the filmmaker said that the second part will take more time.

In a recent interaction, Vetri Maaran opened up about the status of Vada Chennai 2. He said, "Vada Chennai 2 needs a big budget. But, I hope to make the film soon." Going by the reports, the second instalment of the gangster trilogy will take at least a year to materialise.

Vetri Maaran is presently busy preparing for his next film, which will feature comedy actor Soori in the lead. This untitled film will focus on the relationship between a man and his grandfather. According to Vetri Maaran, the film is based on a poem, written by late lyricist Na Muthukumar.

In an interview to Film Companion, Vetri Maaran revealed that he would need a minimum of two years to make Vada Chennai 2 and that he doesn't have the time to make at this point in time. So, he has moved to a new film with Soori.

Vada Chennai follows the story of Anbu who eventually becomes the messiah of people in North Chennai. The film is now regarded as a cult classic by fans and critics all over the world.