Union Ministry of Home Affairs issues consolidated guidelines amid lockdown extension talks

Union Ministry of Home Affairs issues consolidated guidelines amid lockdown extension talks

Amid the talks of extension of nationwide lockdown to curb the spread of coronavirus COVID-19 in India, the Union Ministry Of Home Affairs on Saturday (April 12) released consolidated guidelines on the measures to be taken by different Ministries and Departments of Government of India, State/Union Territory Governments and State/ Union Territory Authorities for containment of COVID-19 epidemic in the country.

The MHA guidelines say that the offices of the Government of India, it's Autonomous/ Subordinate Offices and Public Corporations shall remain closed during the lockdown except for Defence central armed police forces, Public Utilities, Power generation and transmission units, Electricity, water, sanitation.

Offices of the State/Union Territory Governments, their Autonomous Bodies, Corporations, etc. should remain closed.

Hospitals, Veterinary Hospitals and all related medical establishments, including their manufacturing and distribution units, both in public and private sector, such as dispensaries, chemist, Pharmacies (including Jan Aushadhi Kendra) and medical equipment shops, laboratories, Pharmaceutical research labs, clinics, nursing homes, ambulance etc. will continue to remain functional. The transportation for all medical personnel, nurses, para-medical staff, other hospital support services be permitted.

The commercial and private establishments shall be closed down. The People need not to be panic because shop including ration shops, food,groceries,fruits vegetables, dairy products ,meat ,fish ,fertilizers , seeds and pesticides will be available or shops kept open.

It is also mentioned that the district authorities may encourage home delivery to minimize the movement of individuals outside their homes.

As earlier Bank, ATMs, Insurance,Banking correspondents and cash management will be operating.

Broadcasting and communication medium Print and Electronic media will function as usual.

E-commerce were allowed to delivery of all essential goods Including food ,Medicine ,medical equipment are allowed.

As the prime source of essential food grains the  Farming operations by farmers and farm workers in the field are allowed.Shops of agriculture machinery, its spare parts (including its supply chain) and repairs to remain open.

The fishery industry allowed to operate which includes feeding & maintenance; hatcheries, feed plants, commercial aquaria, movement of fish/shrimp and fish products, fish seed/feed and workers for all these activities.

The Industrial Establishments will remained closed expect the manufacturing units of essential goods ,medical devices and their raw materials. The Power plant (thermal ,hydro,nuclear) will be facilitating as per the state’s permission.The manufacturing units of packaging material for food items ,drugs pharmaceutical and medical devices will be operating.

All transport services are suspended till the end of lockdown. The transportation of essential goods, emergency services will run as earlier.

The Cross land border movement of essential goods including petroleum products and LPG, food products, medical supplies are allowed.

However the hospitality services (hotels ,lodges,motels) remain suspended except which are running for medical and emergency and quarantine facilities .

All educational, training, research, coaching institutions etc. shall remain closed.

 All places of worship shall be closed for public. No religious congregations will be permitted, without any exception.

All social/ political/ sports/ entertainment/ academic/ cultural/ religious functions /gatherings shall be barred.