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Top 10 Insurance Companies in India



Life insurance policy is one of the important things in an individual’s life. These below-listed companies provide the best life insurance policy in India in 2019.

  1. Life Insurance Corporation of India

Founded in the year 1956. LIC sells many different products such as endowment plans, money back plans, term assurance plans, pension plans, children plans, group schemes, special plans, unit-linked plans, etc. Claim settlement ratio of the life insurance policy of this company is 98.31%.

  1. ICICI Prudential Life Insurance

ICICI Prudential Life Insurance was established in the year 2001. Claim Settlement Ratio of ICICI Prudential Life Insurance is 96.68%.

  1. SBI Life Insurance

SBI Life Insurance Company basically a joint venture between India’s largest bank State Bank of India and the leading global insurance company BNP Paribas Cardiff.

SBI Life Insurance Company has claim settlement ratio of 96.69%.

  1. HDFC Standard Life Insurance

HDFC Standard Life Insurance is a renowned joint venture between HDFC Ltd. and Standard Life Aberdeen. HDFC Life is a leading long-term life insurance solutions supplier in India, offering a scope of individual and group insurance solutions that meet different customer needs, for example, Protection, Pension, Savings, Investment, and Health.

Claim settlement ratio of HDFC Standard Life Insurance is 97.62%.

  1. Max Life Insurance

Max Life Insurance offers very low premium and one of the best life securing a policy that is why it is listed in top insurance companies in India 2019.

Claim settlement ratio of Max Life Insurance Company is 97.81%.

  1. Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance

Bajaj Allianz is basically a joint venture of Bajaj company and Allianz company. Whereas, Bajaj is an Indian company and Allianz is a German company.

Bajaj Allianz Life Goal Assure, a life goal-based investment plan (ULIP) offers people the chance to plan ideal experiences with zero worries.

Claim Settlement Ratio of Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance Company is 91.67%.

  1. Birla Sun Life Insurance

Birla Sun Life Insurance is a joint venture company between Aditya Birla Group and Sun Life Financial Inc. Sun Life Financial is a well renowned international financial services organization in Canada. Aditya Birla Sun Life Insurance was basically abbreviated as ABSLI.

Claim Settlement Ratio of Birla Sun Life Insurance Company is 94.69%.

  1. Reliance Nippon Life Insurance Company

It offers two Insurance plans

  1. Reliance Nippon Life Digi-Term Insurance Plan
  2. Reliance Nippon Life Term Plan

Claim Settlement Ratio of this life insurance company is 95.17%.

  1. TATA AIA Life Insurance

It is a leading joint venture company, formed by Tata Sons Ltd. and AIA Group Ltd.

Claim Settlement Ratio of this life insurance company is 98%.

  1. PNB Metlife India Insurance

PNB Metlife India Insurance company combines the financial strength of Metlife and reliability and credibility of PNB.

Claim Settlement Ratio of this life insurance company is 87.14%.


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Thought for the day



Bath purifies Body

Meditation purifies Mind

Prayer purifies Soul

Charity purifies Wealth

Fast purifies Health

Forgiveness purifies Relations

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A. Two things to check as often as you can:

(1) Your blood pressure

(2) Your blood sugar.

B. Six things to reduce to the minimum on your foods:

(1) Salt

(2) sugar

(3) preserved meat and foods

(4) red meat especially roasted

(5) diary products

(6) starchy products

C. Four things to increase in your foods:

(1) Greens/vegetables

(2) beans

(3) fruits

(4) nuts

D. Three things you need to forget:

(1) Your age

(2) your past

(3) your grievances

E. Four things you must have, no matter how weak or how strong you are:

(1) Friends who truly love you

(2) caring family

(3) positive thoughts

(4) a warm home.

F. Five things you need to do to stay healthy:

(1) fasting

(2) smiling / laughing 

(3) trek / exercise

(4) reduce your weight.

G. Six things you don’t have to do:

(1) Don’t wait till you are hungry to eat

(2) don’t wait till you are thirsty to drink

(3) don’t wait till you are sleepy to sleep

(4) don’t wait till you feel tired to rest

(5) don’t wait till you get sick to go for medical check-ups otherwise you will only regret later in life

(6) don’t wait till you have problem before you pray to your God.


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Nabhi – Belly Button does wonder




Our belly button (NABHI )  is an amazing gift given to us by our creator. A 62 year old man had poor vision in his left eye. He could hardly see especially at night and was told by eye specialists that his eyes were in a good condition but the only problem was that the veins supplying blood to his eyes were dried up and he would never be able to see again.

According to Science, the first part created after conception takes place is the belly button. After it’s created, it joins to the mother’s placenta through the umbilical chord.  Our belly button is surely an amazing thing! According to science, after a person has passed away, the belly button is still warm for 3 hours the reason being that when a woman conceives a child, her belly button supplies nourishment to the child through the child’s belly button. And a fully grown child is formed in 270 days = 9 months.

This is the reason all our veins are connected to our belly button which makes it the focal point of our body. Belly button is life itself!

The “PECHOTI” is situated behind the belly button which has 72,000 plus veins over it. The total amount of blood vessels we have in our body are equal to twice the circumference of the earth.

Applying oil to belly button CURES dryness of eyes, poor eyesight, pancreas over or under working, cracked heels and lips, keeps face glowing, shiny hair, knee pain, shivering, lethargy, joint pains, dry skin.

REMEDY For dryness of eyes, poor eyesight, fungus in nails, glowing skin, shiny hair

At night before bed time, put 3 drops of pure ghee or coconut oil in your belly button and spread it 1 and half inches around your belly button.

 For knee pain

At night before bed time, put 3 drops of castor oil in your belly button and spread it 1 and half inches around your belly button.

For shivering and lethargy, relief from joint pain, dry skin. At night before bed time, put 3 drops of mustard oil in your belly button and spread it 1 and half inches around your belly button.


You belly button can detect which veins have dried up and pass this oil to it hence open them up.

When a baby has a stomach ache, we normally mix asafoetida (hing) and water or oil and apply around the naval. Within minutes the ache is cured. Oil works the same way.

Try it. There’s no harm in trying.

You can keep a small dropper bottle with the required oil next to your bed and drop a few drops onto navel and massage it before going to sleep. This will make it convenient to pour and avoid accidental spillage.

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