Reliance Jio is eyeing to disrupt the home broadband industry:First day First Show Plan

Reliance Jio is eyeing to disrupt the home broadband industry:First day First Show Plan

Now that Reliance Jio has captured the telecom industry in the Indian market, the company is now eyeing to disrupt the home broadband industry. The company recently announced Jio Fiber plans, starting from as low as Rs 699 to as high as Rs 8,499 per month.

Apart from fiber-to-the-home internet services, Jio is offering various other features, including free pan-India voice calling, TV video calling, low-latency gaming, VR content, a router and a set-top box. However, the most unique feature that Reliance Jio is offering with Jio Fiber is the ability to watch first-day first-movies and other content.

If you are a movie buff, like me, you would want to know which Jio Fiber plans are offering the first-day first show movie feature. Here’s a list of Reliance Jio Fiber plans that offer users first-day, first show movies.

Reliance Jio Fiber Rs 2,499 Diamond Monthly Plan

The Rs 2,499 monthly plan from Reliance Jio Fiber is the cheapest plan using which you can watch first-day first-show movies. It offers up to 500Mbps download and upload speeds. The company is offering 1,250GB (1.25TB) of download and upload data. In addition, the company is offering 250GB of additional data. If you manage to consume this data, the download and upload speeds drop to just 1Mbps.

Reliance Jio Fiber Rs 3,999 Platinum Monthly Plan

The Rs 3,999 plan from Jio Fiber is kind of a sweet spot for those who want high-speed data transfer speeds as well as enough download and upload limit. It comes with a whopping 2,500GB (2.5TB) of download + upload cumulative limit. There is access to free voice calls, video calling via TVs, fast multiplayer gaming without any noticeable latency, and content sharing.

Reliance Jio Fiber Rs 8,499 Titanium Monthly Plan

The highest-end plan from Reliance Jio for its home broadband service costs Rs 8,499 monthly. Although it offers the same speed (1Gbps) as that of the Rs 3,999 plan, it allows a whopping 5000GB (5TB) of download and upload data. Post FUP consumption, the speed drops down to a crawling 1Mbps. Similar to other plans from the company, the Rs 8,499 plan offers free voice calls anywhere in India, video calling services, low-ping connectivity for low-latency gaming, and content sharing with others in the home.