TASMAC to issue colour-coded token to control crowd outside liquor shops

TASMAC to issue colour-coded token to control crowd outside liquor shops

The liquor shops in Tamil Nadu have come up with an innovative method to ensure social distancing during the sale of alcohol. To ensure that the shops do not witness a massive crowd outside at any time, Tamil Nadu State Marketing Corporation (TASMAC) has introduced a token system for the tipplers.

Anyone seeking to purchase liquor will have to get a token. From Sunday to Saturday seven different colour-coded tokens will be provided to people and based on colour and timings given on the token, tipplers can go and get their liquor. The token will also carry the address of the TASMAC outlet the customer can purchase the liquor from.

The introduction of a token system comes barely hours after the Supreme Court issued a stay on an order by the Madras High Court directing the closure of state-run liquor outlets in the state.

After a dry spell of 43 days due to the COVID-19 lockdown since late March, liquor sales resumed at TASMAC outlets in Tamil Nadu, except state capital Chennai, on May 7. However, a day later on May 8, the Madras high court ordered the closure of all state-run liquor outlets in Tamil Nadu, as the heavy rush was witnessed at most places raising concerns of a fresh Covid-19 outbreak.

The Supreme Court, on Friday, once again paved the way for reopening of state-owned liquor vends by staying the HC order.

The TASMAC outlets would have to adhere to strict guidelines of social distancing and hygiene drafted earlier by Madras HC, to minimise the risk of the transmission of infection. These guidelines included mandatory use of hand sanitisers and face masks, demarcation outside TASMAC outlets and restrictions on bulk purchase of liquor.