Tamil Nadu govt earns Rs 172 crore on first day of sales

Tamil Nadu govt earns Rs 172 crore on first day of sales

As Tamil Nadu opened the Tasmac liquor shops on Thursday after the easing of lockdown, thousands of people gathered in Sholavaram, triggering overcrowding. The huge gathering risked social distancing norms.

A video has surfaced showing two police officials struggling to make the crowd stand in a line in front of a Tasmac shop. The huge rush left people flouting social distancing norms and many were seen standing close to each other.

Police officials were seen resorting to lathicharge while the crowd stayed put at the spot.

Meanwhile, on the first day of the opening of the Tasmac liquor shops, these state government-owned shops have generated Rs 172 crore in revenue, which is much higher than what it earns on a normal day.

After the Koyembedu Market cluster evolving as a coronavirus hotspot in Chennai, the fear of spread of coronavirus has increased and the number of people affected have also seen a spike in the last 10 days.

The video of the Tasmac shop being overcrowded by people is reflective of the worst fears among those who had opposed the opening of these liquor shops.

Madras High Court in its guidelines had said that not more than 5 people should gather at the liquor shops. The court had also said that proper social distancing norms must be followed.

In the last 24 hours, Tasmac shops have generated Rs 172.59 crore revenue for the state.

Of the total 5,146 Tasmac liquor shops in Tamil Nadu, which get an everyday sale of about Rs 70-80 crore, earned Rs 172 crore with only 3,750 shops opening in the eased lockdown.