Tamil Nadu government not in a hurry to lift lockdown fully

Tamil Nadu government not in a hurry to lift lockdown fully

As the number of Covid-19 positive cases continued to soar in Tamil Nadu, the state government appeared in no hurry to completely lift the lockdown, top sources said.

On Monday, Edappadi K Palaniswami was not among the chief ministers, who spoke during the video conference with Prime Minister Narendran Modi. But, his government is understood to have decided to continue the lockdown, at least partially, notwithstanding the decision of the Union government.

A senior official told that “If the Centre extends the lockdown, the state has to follow suit as it has no choice under the Disaster Management Act. If they lift the lockdown, the state will decide if it will be a partial or staggered exit. The Tamil Nadu government will not lift the lockdown completely even if the Centre decides to do so.”

The CM had spoken during two of the three sessions that the Prime Minister had with the chief ministers since March 20. Soon after the video conference, Palaniswami wrote to Modi, seeking the Centre’s support on a slew of issues, including funds to procure medical equipment, supply of more PCR testing kits and assistance to Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises which has a large workforce in the state.

He said effective medical treatment in the state had ensured the death rate was only 1.2% with 1,020 patients discharged. “This worked out to an encouraging 54% of cured patients,” Palaniswami sa