Sonia Gandhi writes letter to PM Modi over sharp fuel price hike

Sonia Gandhi writes letter to PM Modi over sharp fuel price hike

Congress interim president Sonia Gandhi on Tuesday wrote to Prime Minister Narendra Modi and expressed concern about the recent hike in petrol and diesel rates across the country.

In the letter, Gandhi highlighted the issues people of India are facing and slammed the government’s decision to hike petrol and diesel prices.

“I am deeply distressed that in the exceedingly difficult times since the beginning of March, the government has taken the wholly insensitive decision to increase petrol and diesel price on no less than 10 separate occasions,” Gandhi wrote.

She also mentioned the hardships people in the country are facing due to the ongoing Covid-induced economic crisis, adding that “these price increases are burdening people further.

“It is the duty of the government to alleviate suffering, not put the people to still greater hardship,” Gandhi said.

“I see no logic why the government would even consider such a price increase at a time when economic impact of Covid-19 is depriving millions of jobs and livelihood, devastating businesses, rapidly eroding the income of middle class, even as farmers are struggling to sow the crop for Kharif season,” she added.

Gandhi also spoke about the fall in price of international crude oil. She mentioned in the letter that international crude oil rates have fallen by almost 9 per cent during the last week and the government is doing “nothing short of profiteering off its people”.

“It is a matter of record that despite historically low oil prices over the last six years, your government’s revenues have been massively enriched by cumulative increase in excise duty on petrol and diesel on twelve different occasions,” Gandhi said.

This translates into a 258 per cent increase in excise on petrol and 820 per cent hike in excise duty on diesel yielding in these six years a staggering Rs 18,00,000 crore,” she added.

“If there was ever a time to deploy these resourcesit is now.”