Skipping Sikh's daughter convinced him to make videos: Wanted elders to know age is just a number

Skipping Sikh's daughter convinced him to make videos: Wanted elders to know age is just a number

73-year-old Rajinder Singh, who has never been to a gym, has gone viral for spreading the message of exercising for better mental health. He also promotes the idea of health is wealth and staying active and happy, especially for the older generation. At the same time, he has also raised funds for the National Health Service (NHS) by skipping.

Popularly known as the Skipping Sikh, Rajinder Singh has raised close to 13,000 pounds for the NHS and has been awarded Points of Light honour by UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

Points of Light is a weekly award given to people who make a difference in the community with their selfless and inspirational work as volunteers.

In a letter to Singh, PM Johnson wrote, "Your 'Skipping Sikh' fitness videos have given a lift to the thousands of people worldwide who have watched online and taken part with you in your daily exercise and provided an ingenious way of bringing together and energising the Sikh community at a time when temples have been closed."

Resident of West London, Rajinder Singh took to skipping at the behest of his daughter Mini at the beginning of the year. Mini said, "I wanted to do something positive, and the only thing I could think that was important was to look after your health. We were hearing so much about elders and them dying from Covid-19. I wanted to help the elders in the community feel inspired by seeing my dad, and know that age is nothing but a number."

Speaking endearingly about her independent dad, who makes tea, cleans, cooks and also washes the car himself, Mini said, "My father is my role model, my inspiration and a true example of a Sikh. One who remains so humble."

"My father is very humble and is not fazed by the limelight. He just wants to do sewa. His faith and prayers are the most important thing to him. He feels if he can help others to feel encouraged, then he will continue to do more exercise online and help the nation to stay fit and active," she added.

Responding to the honour bestowed upon him by the UK PM, Singh said, "Waheguru Ji ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji ki fateh. I am truly humbled for being awarded the Points of Light award. I love to serve others. It is part of who I am as a Sikh and I love to do sewa."

He added, "I never thought something like skipping would inspire the world and spread smiles. I’m grateful for the support and being given this recognition. Thank you to our PM Boris Johnson. God bless you and everyone. I thank everyone for the support and love, and I encourage all to join in the skipping challenge and tag me in @SikhSkipping."

People are gradually joining to skip along with him. The one person though, who he has inspired the most, is his wife Pritpal Kaur. She has joined him in his skipping challenge. Not a mean feat for a husband to achieve.

Singh has also been chosen as the face of leading charity for older people, Age UK, for their event in the Hillingdon, Harrow and Brent Borough of London. He will help raise funds for old age.