Shashikantha Das named as "Central Banker of the Year 2020 – Asia-Pacific"

Shashikantha Das named as

Shaktikanta Das, The governor of the Reserve Bank of India (RBI), has been named ‘Central Banker of the Year 2020 – Asia-Pacific’ by The Banker.

The Banker is a London-based international financial affairs publication owned by The Financial Times. It is known for its annual rankings of the world's top banks. The 2020 list“celebrates the officials that have best managed to stimulate growth and stabilise their economy”.

The publication named Das as the 2020 Central Banker in the Asia-Pacific region, and stated that the RBI chief had brought in measures to tighten rules around shadow banking and brought Indian banking up to standards through a “restrained approach to governance”.

In a statement on January 3 as per a CNBC-TV18 report, the mag pointed out that Indian banks have faced series of problems in non-performing loans and frauds, besides repeated economic slump wherein the Central Bank cut rates five times in 2019 and was open to cut them again, if necessary.