Sharad Pawar offers suggestions to reopen Covid-19-hit Maharashtra

Sharad Pawar offers suggestions to reopen Covid-19-hit Maharashtra

Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) chief Sharad Pawar on Wednesday highlighted the problems faced by educational institutes due to the coronavirus pandemic. He demanded formation of a study group to ensure that the process of education is not disrupted.

“I had a discussion with Hon Chief Minister of Maharashtra Shri @OfficeofUT regarding current #Covid_19 situation in state & the challenges faced by the administration & preventive measures to provide relief to various sections. I have conveyed my suggestions on following topics,” Pawar said on Twitter.

“The next academic year will be delayed due to the situation of #Covid_19 and lockdown. As a result, the number of students & teachers will decline. The income of educational institutions & technological institutions is likely to get adversely affected,” he further said in the series of tweets.

“Some educational institutions are likely to collapse or close down due to financial losses. A study group or committee should be appointed to take timely measures to ensure that students,teachers & educational institutions are not harmed & process of education is not disrupted,” said Pawar, whose part is part of the government in Maharashtra.

He then further talked about industries in the state and said that strategy is needed to restart factories.

“Factories are not in a position to resume as workers from the state and outside the state have migrated to the villages. We need to strategise to bring them back,” said Pawar.

He also offered suggestions on how to open offices, ports and other industries in Maharashtra. “The presence of state ministers and officials needs to be reinstated to build public confidence about the situation in the state returning to normalcy,” he tweeted.

Maharashtra is the worst-affected state by Covid-19. The state on Tuesday recorded 76 Covid-19 deaths - the highest single-day surge - and 2,127 new cases, said officials.

With 76 fatalities - up by 13 from the previous high of 63 notched on May 17 -- the state death toll now stands at 1,325 and the total number of coronavirus patients increased from 35,058 on Monday to 37,136.