Salman Khan and Jacqueline Fernandez shoot for new song titled Tere Bina at actor’s Panvel farmhouse

Salman Khan and Jacqueline Fernandez shoot for new song titled Tere Bina at actor’s Panvel farmhouse

The nationwide lockdown imposed to stop the spread of the novel coronavirus has brought life to a standstill for most of us. Bollywood celebrities too, are at their respective homes but that doesn’t stop their creativity. Actor Salman Khan recently released a song titled Pyaar Karona and the superstar has already shot his next song video titled Tere Bina.

The song, shot at Salman’s Panvel farmhouse, also features Jacqueline Fernandez.

In a conversation with his friend Walusha De Souza, Salman and Jacqueline talked about their upcoming song.

Salman shared the video on Instagram and captioned it as “Interview Tere Bina.”

The video begins with Jacqueline and Salman revealing the name of the song and the Dabangg saying, “Gaana mere zehen mein tha. I had the song, basically. So, I thought of releasing it in this time.” He further added that the song wasn’t fitting into any of his films and since he has a production company, he thought of releasing it separately.

Salman also said that he thinks this has been the cheapest production venture, to which Jacqueline added, “We are used to shooting songs on big production. Then we find ourselves with a small team. We were doing our own setting as well.” She added, “For the first time, I found myself checking lighting and moving props. It was a great experience to know that you can use whatever comes your way and you can make the most of any situation.”

Salman then revealed that it took them four days to shoot. The superstar further said that he didn’t want to show much of the property since it is his home.

The video ends with Salman saying that things have happened slow as the song had to be sent to the editor and since everybody was using Wifi, it would take 24-36 hours to download some files. “So, everything went back and forth about 70-80 times. It kept on going and finally we got our edit, our teaser.”

The song's released date has not been announced yet.




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