Sale of liquor only to customers wearing masks: Madras HC's rules for TASMACs

Sale of liquor only to customers wearing masks: Madras HC's rules for TASMACs

State-run liquor stores known as TASMACs (Tamil Nadu State Marketing Corporation) are all set to open in non-containment zones across Tamil Nadu on Thursday. The decision in this regard was announced by the Tamil Nadu government on May 4.

The orders do not apply to TASMAC outlets in Chennai and the neighbouring districts of Tiruvallur, Kanchipuram and Chengalpattu.

In an effort to minimize the risk of transmission of the novel coronavirus infection, the Madras High Court on Wednesday evening formulated guidelines for TASMACs and the sale of liquor through these state-run outlets. Here are the rules to be followed during the sale of liquor in Tamil Nadu.

Bills of the sale of liquor are to be made with the name, address and Aadhaar card number of the customer; Sale of liquor to be done only to customers wearing masks

Customers who buy with cash from a TASMAC outlet can only buy one bottle of 750ml

If the booking and sale is online, not more than two bottles of 750ml each will be sold to the customer

A customer cannot buy liquor more than twice a week and with a minimum gap of three days between the purchases

TASMACs cannot make bulk sales

All TASMAC outlet employees must be present in the shop with the exception of those outlets in containment zones (Only employees with no co morbid conditions can come to work and extra staff can be hired if needed)

TASMAC employees must wear triple layer masks, gloves and sanitise hands at regular intervals; Each outlet to be disinfected at least five times during business hours each day (bleaching powder should be sprayed outside the outlet at least twice daily)

If there is sufficient space in the outlet, the sale of liquor must be done through two counters with 6 feet distance between each counter; No more than five people should be allowed in an outlet at one time

Wooden barricades to be set up outside TASMACs spanning a distance of at least 200 feet; Circles are to be drawn inside the barricades to ensure single queue; A minimum of two TASMAC employees are to stand outside the outlet and regulate queues (Crowding and consumption of alcohol in public spaces must be prevented)

Customers should be given tokens (No tokens are to be distributed after 4 pm)

One TASMAC employee is to stand outside the outlet to provide customers with hand sanitizer

TASMAC outlet should shut by 5 pm

Bars attached to retail outlets will remain shut