Sadhguru says coronavirus doesn’t want to kill you, human body is a good habitat for Covid-19

Sadhguru says coronavirus doesn’t want to kill you, human body is a good habitat for Covid-19

India has extended the nationwide lockdown till May 3, an extension of 19 days after the initial 21-day lockdown. Businesses have come to a grinding halt, people are anxious sitting at home. However, spiritual guru Sadhguru says this is a time for people to renew their strength and energy.

"All of us have taken a hit. There is no doubt about it. But this is not the end of life. This is the time for us to renew our strength and energy. This is an opportunity for us to thrive as a nation," said Sadhguru, who is the founder of Isha Foundation.

Sadhguru went on to speak about opportunities these tough times may bring for India.

"India is a prime business destination. Many are looking at pulling out from China and the US. This is a good opportunity for India to strive. Businesses, industries, entrepreneurs and individuals must explore various innovations and use this time to thrive. These few weeks we must commit physically, mentally and emotionally to betterment. Let’s aim at improving and upgrading ourselves," he said.

When asked about people’s grievance over loss in business during lockdown, Sadhguru said they need to prioritise.

"The most important thing now is to stay alive. Ensure that you stay alive. Let’s value life first. I understand there is pain but life is foremost. We must also focus on helping those in the lower strata. Let us help to our capacity. Don’t count your money at this time," he said.

The spiritual leader also shared his understanding of how he believes the virus is not here to kill.

"The virus does not want to kill you. This virus is living in our body because we are a wonderful habitat for it. While some humans succumb, many become immune. Strengthen yourself. Strive a little more. So you don’t fail the test next time. We have the most superior machine in form of the human mind. Let us use the manual right. You can go through this tough time joyfully if you make up your mind," Sadhguru said.