Rahul Gandhi talks to Indian nurses from across globe, discusses Covid-19 situation

Rahul Gandhi talks to Indian nurses from across globe, discusses Covid-19 situation

On National Doctors Day, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi on Wednesday hosted a conversation with Indian nurses from around the world on the Covid-19 crisis.

The conversation revolved around the Covid-19 situation around the world and how the nurses’ experience can help in tackling the disease.

“When this Covid-19 started, we initially thought this is a simple flu. We thought this flu is killing more people than Covid. We didn’t take it seriously. When it started rolling over, and we saw news in Italy that the death toll is rising higher and higher, then we thought that this is not a flu, that this is serious,” said Narendra Singh, who works in Australia’s New South Wales. He belongs to Sikar in Rajasthan.

Another Indian-orign nurse, Anu Ragnat, who works in New Zealand said that the tough policies adopted by prime minister Jacinda Arden helped flattened the curve. “Going hard and going early was the motto by Prime Minister Jacinda Arden. That really flattened the curve in New Zealand,” said Ragnat.

Vipin Krishnan, who works in Delhi’s All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), said that there are differences in the pay given to nurses in private and government hospitals. “Private hospitals are deducting salaries if these nurses. How are they going to look after their families in such a scenario?” he asked.

Krishna belongs to Kerala and has contracted Covid-19. “Me and my wife have been infected. We are right now in quarantine,” he said but added that he is ready to again work on the frontline once he is cured.

Krishnan also talked about the statement made by Delhi deputy chief minister Manish Sisodia where he had estimated that Delhi will have 5.5 lakh Covid-19 patients by July end. The AIIMS staffer said that a shortage of beds at hospitals could pose a problem if that happens.

However, Sisodia has now said that the going was tough in the first two weeks of June, but the national capital is now in a comfortable situation as far as management of the Covid-19 crisis is concerned. Union home minister Amit Shah, who has been coordinating with the Delhi government to check the spread of the disease, had earlier said that he doesn’t agree with Sisodia’s comments and that the 5.5 lakh estimate created fear.

The nurses today also talked about their learnings from the Covid-19 crisis. Almost all of them emphasized on the hand hygiene and wearing proper PPE kits.

Gandhi had earlier said that he was “immensely grateful” to the doctors who are on the frontlines fighting against the coronavirus pandemic.

“On Doctors Day, I am immensely grateful to the dedicated professionals who inspire hope in (the) Covid-19 times,” the Congress leader had tweeted on Wednesday morning.

The first National Doctor’s day was celebrated in July 1991.