Rahul Gandhi, note your achievements: Union minister’s biting comeback

Rahul Gandhi, note your achievements: Union minister’s biting comeback

In a lacerating comeback, Union minister Prakash Javadekar listed out Rahul Gandhi’s “achievements” over the last six months to counter what the former Congress chief called the Centre’s “achievements” in the time of coronavirus.

Launching a counter-offensive, the minister found fault with Gandhi tweeting daily, prophesying that the Congress will be reduced to a party that only tweets. Gandhi, on a daily basis, has been challenging the Centre’s narrative on various issues and raising questions.

Asking the Congress MP to take note, the information minister, answering in the identical fashion as Gandhi’s tweet, listed out six “achievements” of the 50-year-old leader.

The list went like this:

Feb: Shaheen Bagh & riots

March: Losing [Jyotiraditya] Scindia and MP government

April: Instigating labourers

May: 6th anniversary of historic poll defeat [Congress]

June: Advocating for China

July: Party [Congress] destroyed in Rajasthan

Going further, the BJP leader then asked the Congress leader to also note the country’s achievements in “war against coronavirus”.

“India has the least average cases, active cases and death rate than the US, Europe and Brazil. By making fun of candle lights, RahulGandhi ji you have insulted the people of India and brave Corona warriors,” said the minister.

The torrents of criticism followed Rahul Gandhi’s satirical dig to highlight priorities of the central government amid the fight against the coronavirus pandemic raging in the country. It also included a reference to Rajasthan Congress crisis.

“Achievements of the government in the Covid-era: February -- Namaste Trump, March-- toppling the government in Madhya Pradesh, April -- making people light candles, May -- government’s sixth anniversary, June -- Bihar virtual rally, July -- Attempt to topple the government in Rajasthan,” Gandhi said in a tweet.