PM Modi's Eclipse tweet triggers hilarious memes

PM Modi's Eclipse tweet triggers hilarious memes

Several parts of the country like Odisha, Kerala, Gujarat, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Maharashtra and Delhi witnessed the last solar eclipse of the decade today. As the country became a part of the natural phenomenon, PM Narendra Modi also joined many Indians to witness the eclipse.

However, he could not see the solar eclipse due to cloud cover, but caught glimpses of it on live stream. He even tweeted pictures of him enthusiastically trying to watch the eclipse with protective gears on.

He tweeted, "Like many Indians, I was enthusiastic about #solareclipse2019. Unfortunately, I could not see the Sun due to cloud cover but I did catch glimpses of the eclipse in Kozhikode and other parts on live stream."

After the PM tweeted the picture, one of the images quickly became the perfect fodder for hilarious memes. The picture being used for memes had PM Modi looking up at the sky with glasses on and a pair of protective glasses in his hands.

The best part - when one of the Twitter users informed PM Modi that his picture is becoming a meme, he had the best reply. He wrote, "Most welcome....enjoy."