PM Modi Speech : PM Modi extends Nationwide lock-down till May 3

PM Modi  Speech : PM Modi extends Nationwide  lock-down till May 3

PM Narendra Modi has announced the extension of the complete lockdown of the country till May 3. PM Modi is addressing the nation after much anticipation for days as the nationwide lockdown imposed for 21 days comes to an end today.

10.26 am: PM Modi: Stay where you are, stay safe. Follow all guidelines till May 3.

10.25 am: PM Modi: I urge all to show empathy and not sack employees during these times. Respect and honour our police personnel and health officials.

10.22 am: Make sure that we take special care of senior citizens in our households. We must follow lockdown and social distancing guidelines. Wear masks.

10.21 am: We have arranged 1 lakh beds to tackle the novel coronavirus. These facilities are being upgraded. We might have limited resources, but I urge our young scientists to come forward and develop a vaccine.

10.19 am: There is enough ration and stock of essential commodities in the country, says PM Modi.

10.17 am: PM Modi announces lockdown relaxations for daily wagers who have suffered a severe blow due to the lockdown. PM Modi announces relief for farmers ahead of the rabi crop harvest season.

10.16 am: PM Modi: We will be implementing lockdown even more strictly till April 20. Some restrictions may be eased in places where there are no hotspots after that date.

10.12 am: PM Modi: We must keep a close watch on places where new hotspots may emerge.

10.11 am: Lockdown in India expended till May 3.

10.10 am: PM Modi: We cannot imagine what the situation would have been had we not taken measures early. It has become clear that the path we have chosen is the most effective. Lockdown and social distancing have benefitted the country. It is expensive from the economic point of view.

10.08 am: PM Modi: It is unfair to compare with any other country. However, we cannot deny some realities. If is true that India is in much better position than some of the developed countries

10.07 am: PM Modi: India had started screening at airports and 14-day isolation for those coming from abroad, well in advance. We decided to implement this 21-day lockdown when we had only about 550 cases.

10.05 am: PM Modi:  This is also a time of festivities across various parts of the country. New Year is beginning in many states. The way people are following the guidelines and the way they are celebrating festivals inside their houses is inspiring

10.05 am: PM Modi remembers BR Ambedkar on his birth anniversary.

10.02 am: PM Modi: I know the kinds of difficulties the people of India have been tolerating for days to protect the country. You have faced difficulties with food, work, but you are still resolved to fight.

10 am: PM Narendra Modi begins his address of the nation as the complete lockdown of the country ends today after 21 days.