PM lays foundation stone, New Parliament building will fulfill country’s aspirations, says PM Modi

PM lays foundation stone, New Parliament building will fulfill country’s aspirations, says PM Modi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi laid the foundation stone for the new building of Parliament on Thursday. The ceremony was attended by Union home minister Amit Shah, defence minister Rajnath Singh, Union minister Ravi Shankar Prasad, foreign envoys and Lok Sabha speaker Om Birla. The ceremony was followed by a ‘sarva dharma prarthana’ (multi-faith prayer). 

The PM said that future generations would feel proud to see the new Parliament complex that is made in independent India, and that they need to understand why democracy is successful in India.

The Prime Minister said that the need was felt for a new Parliament building for years. 21st century India needs a new Parliament complex. The old building fulfilled the needs of the country, the new Parliament building will fulfill the country’s aspirations, he continued.

People who come to meet public representatives in Parliament face many difficulties, there was space crunch. The new building will have additional space to allow people to meet the representatives.

The Prime Minister said that the new Parliament building is an example of the co-existence of the new and the old and that it was an effort to make changes within oneself in accordance with the time and needs.

The new Parliament building will cost Rs 971 crore and is estimated to be completed by 2022. Lok Sabha speaker Om Birla said that the new building will be a prime example of ‘Aatmanirbhar Bharat’. The current Parliament building was constructed by the British and its foundation stone was laid on February 12, 1921.

The new building will also have a grand Constitution Hall to showcase India’s democratic heritage, a lounge for members of Parliament, a library, multiple committee rooms, dining areas and ample parking space. The Lok Sabha chamber will have a seating capacity for 888 members, while Rajya Sabha will have 384 seats, keeping in mind the future increase in the number of members for the two houses.