Penguin meets orangutan in empty San Diego zoo

Penguin meets orangutan in empty San Diego zoo

Due to the novel coronavirus outbreak, almost all the countries around the world are under lockdown to control the spread. Amid the lockdown, places like zoos, where large crowds can gather, have been shut down. This has given a chance to the animals to come out and finally take a stroll around the facility.

A similar video of a penguin meeting an orangutan at the San Diego zoo has gone viral online and it will be the cutest thing you see today.

The video was posted by the Facebook Page of San Diego Zoo with the caption, "Waddle we do with all these viral penguin adventures visit some prime-mates! Dot and DG explored the zoo for World Penguin Day, but as one of the most endangered types of penguins, these little birds need more than cute content."


The video shows Dot, the African penguin, waddle over for a meet-up with an orangutan at the primate section of the zoo. As the penguin explores the orangutan section, an orangutan comes up to the glass window and looks at it. Then, in a gesture of affection, it starts licking the glass window, as the penguin intently watches it.

The adorable clip has been viewed over 2.3 million times by the netizens. At the time of writing this article, it already had around 65k likes and 13k shares.