NEP 2020: IIT Kharagpur inaugrates classical and folk arts academy

NEP 2020: IIT Kharagpur inaugrates classical and folk arts academy

New Education Policy has opened innumerable options for the students to explore. Inspired by the NEP 2020, IIT Kharagpur inaugurated the Academy of Classical and Folk Arts on its campus, an institute spokesperson said on Wednesday. It will offer training on music, fine arts, and other performing arts, she said.

The academy, inaugurated on Tuesday, is in the spirit of the New Education Policy, 2020 to kindle innovation and multidisciplinary teaching, the spokesperson said.

Hindustani classical vocalist Pandit Ajoy Chakrabarty will head the '100 ragas' initiative of the academy.

It aims to formulate deep structures of Indian ragas by forging creative arts with cognitive sciences, she said.

"It is essential for an institute of national importance to focus on the holistic development of its students, staff, and faculty members. The Academy of Classical and Folk Arts is first-of-its-kind in IIT Kharagpur," institute Director, Professor V K Tewari, said.

"Pandit Ajoy Chakrabarty will deliver a lecture-demonstration on how learning music can help in developing necessary traits for scientific innovation," Deputy Director, Professor S K Bhattacharyya, said.

The institute spokesperson said the academy will inculcate traits of experimentation and innovation in young minds. The academy is being supported by alumni Arjun Malhotra, Dr Kiran Seth, Mukund Padmanabhan, and members of the IIT Kharagpur Foundation, USA, she added.