MP minister Usha Thakur says all terrorists raised in madrasas

MP minister Usha Thakur says all terrorists raised in madrasas

Madhya Pradesh Culture Minister Usha Thakur on Tuesday said that all terrorists are raised in madrasas while saying government funding of the institutions must be stopped.

Addressing media on Tuesday, MP minister and BJP’s Indore MLA, Usha Thakur said, “All terrorists are raised in madrasas. They had turned J&K into a terror factory.”

"What culture are they [madrasas] teaching? If you are a citizen of this country, then you see all fundamentalists and terrorists have grown in madrasas. Jammu & Kashmir was turned into a factory of terrorists," Usha Thakur was quoted.

“Madrasas which can't comply with nationalism should be merged with the existing education system to ensure complete progress of the society,” the Madhya Pradesh minister said in Indore on Tuesday.

Those who want religious education can obtain it at their own expense, as the Constitution gives them this right, the MP minister said, PTI reported.

Madhya Pradesh Congress spokesperson Narendra Saluja said the Election Commission should take note of Usha Thakur’s statements. "The BJP is trying to divert the bypoll campaign towards a communal agenda and Thakur's statements are part of this strategy," Narendra Saluja told PTI.

The Madhya Pradesh minister’s comments came days after the Assam government said all government-run madrasas and Sanskrit schools will be closed down.