Massive tent, LCD screens and social distancing: Inside look at site of Ram Mandir bhoomi pujan

Massive tent, LCD screens and social distancing: Inside look at site of Ram Mandir bhoomi pujan

Work is on at a feverish pitch at the Ram Janmabhoomi site ahead of the bhoomi pujan ceremony on August 5 which will be attended by Prime Minister Narendra Modi and 175 other guests. 

The undulating patch of land at the Ram Janmabhoomi site, which had unregulated growth of vegetation due to years of restrictions laid down by the Supreme Court, has been cleared with earthmovers.

A large shamiana (tent) has been erected at the site of the bhoomi pujan with adequate rain proofing to ensure that monsoon showers do not cause any disruption.

One segment of the covered zone has been earmarked for the bhoomi pujan with a square patch measuring little over 400 square feet. The square area has been demarcated by 9 poles on which a tent with bright saffron fabric has been erected.

Right in the middle of the venue is a two-feet-high white obelisk, which is a tapering stone pillar usually built as a landmark. This is the place where the “shilanyas” was done in 1989 and around which the bhoomi pujan ceremony will be performed.

Those involved in the preparations say that the final touches to the spot would be given later.

Right behind the main site of the bhoomi pujan is a large video screen that would play the ceremony live. The message that would play on the screen would say that the ceremony is being led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi with the name of RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat mentioned after him.

PM Modi and others may also visit the makeshift Ram Mandir at the one-time disputed site. The temple which operated at a canvas structure erected on poles has been replaced with a square wood glass and metal structure. The deity has been placed at a higher level.

 “This area witnessed almost zero maintenance for decades due to the court order to keep everything as it is. That why there was wild growth of vegetation among the remains of the old buildings. There were snakes and other animals as well, which made the task difficult.”

According to sources, PM Modi will reach Ayodhya around noon and will first visit the Hanumangarhi temple to offer pooja. From there he will move to the Ram Janmabhoomi site for the bhoomi puja. PM Modi will take part in the rituals for about 1.5 hours.