Markets Will Jump Thousands Of Points If I Win, Trump Tells India

Markets Will Jump Thousands Of Points If I Win, Trump Tells India

United States President Donald Trump promised Indian business leaders that the "market" will rise "thousands and thousands" of points if he wins the upcoming US national election.

"The markets will jump thousand and thousand of points if I win, but if don't win, it will crash like never seen before," Mr Trump said.

The high profile roundtable of business leaders with Mr Trump included captains of the Indian industry such as Reliance Industries Chairman Mukesh Ambani, Mahindra Group Chairman Anand Mahindra, Tata Sons Chairman N Chandrasekaran and Aditya Birla Group Chairman Kumar Mangalam Birla.

Mr Trump listened to the concerns of the industrialists, and thanked them for the investments made to the United States. "Thank you, you are very well," Mr Trump told several business honchos.

On concerns over the impact of Novel Coronavirus on global trade, Mr Trump assured that the situation will be brought under control soon.

"China is working very very hard, I have spoken to President Xi they are working very hard. They had a rough patch and right now it seems they are getting it under control, they are getting it more and more under control so I think it is a problem that is going to go away," Mr Trump was quoted as saying by news agency PTI.

Asserting that the situation in the US is under control, Mr Trump said the US also does business with other nations and wants other countries to be "happy healthy and well".

"Let us see how it works out but I think it is going to work out fine. I hope so. We are working very hard, we are spending a tremendous amount of money also ...about 2.5 billion dollars on getting everything ready just in case something should happen and also helping other nations who are unequipped to do it," Mr Trump added.