Many have backstabbed Yuvraj Singh including Kohli, Dhoni: Yograj Singh

Many have backstabbed Yuvraj Singh including Kohli, Dhoni: Yograj Singh

Former India cricketer and Yuvraj Singh’s father Yograj Singh, in a recent interview, said that his son Yuvraj was ‘backstabbed’ by many people including current captain Virat Kohli and MS Dhoni. Yuvraj, last month, in an Instagram Live chat with Sportstar, had said that he did not receive a similar kind of support from Kohli and Dhoni as captains, as he had received from Sourav Ganguly.

On being questioned about the same in an interview to News24, Yograj said: “Along with these two (Dhoni and Kohli), I would say that even the selectors betrayed him. I had met Ravi recently. He asked me for a photograph. I called him and pointed out that all great players should get a send-off based on their performances.”

“When Dhoni, Kohli or Rohit retire, I would request the board to give them a good send-off as they have done so much for Indian cricket. Many have backstabbed him and it hurts,” he added.

Yograj further went on to allege bias from the selection panel and named Sarandeep Singh, who kept asking for Yuvraj to be dropped from the team.

“Indian selector Sharandeep Singh, he used to go to meetings and say that Yuvraj should be dropped. Such people are appointed as selectors who do not know ABC of cricket. What do you expect from them?” Yograj said.

“It hurts when someone backstabs you. Everybody was worried about what would happen to them if Yuvraj continues to perform,” he added.

Yograj further said that Suresh Raina was touted to be picked over Yuvraj when the squad for the 2011 World Cup was being decided. “What’s new in that? I also got to know, even though I am not sure of how much of it is true, that in one of the meetings, someone said that the Indian team doesn’t need Yuvraj as Suresh Raina is a part of the team. I did not say so. Yuvraj himself said so and I have heard many cricketers say so as well,” Yograj said.