Manufacturers in Ahmedabad design splash-proof PPE kits for doctors, healthcare workers

Manufacturers in Ahmedabad design splash-proof PPE kits for doctors, healthcare workers

At a time when confirmed cases of the novel coronavirus continue to soar across India, healthcare workers in the state capital of Gujarat are gearing up to battle the infection by manufacturing personal protection equipment (PPE) kits.

Those assigned to this task in Ahmedabad are designing two types of PPE kits. While the first type of kit under production will cover a healthcare worker from top to bottom, the second type of kit is equipped with a face shield to protect doctors who come in direct contact with Covid-19 patients during the treatment process.

Production of the second type of PPE kits began on March 9 of this year.

According to officials, both types of PPE kits under production in Ahmedabad use SMS fabric as raw material. The specialty of this fabric is that it is splash-proof which will go a long way in protecting doctors and healthcare workers against the novel coronavirus which transmits itself through water droplets.

Karan Soni, the businessman manufacturing these PPE kits told that his company is inviting donations from the public. He also said that his company will be donating as many as 1,000 of these kits to the Ahmedabad Civil Hospital.

"We are manufacturing 3,000 PPE kits of the first type each day and around 1,000-2,000 units of the second type of highly customized PPE kits each day," Karan Soni said.

Manufacturers are also taking extra precautions with respect to the packaging of these PPE kits. Once a PPE kit is ready, it is sterilized before being packaged. As a result, the PPE kit is free of any kind of virus at the time it is accessed by doctors or healthcare workers. In fact, manufacturers are also providing garbage bags along with these PPE kits for their safe disposal.