Kejriwal's Broom sweeps Hindutva Riots away From Delhi: Zor Ka Jhatka to Modi-Shah

Kejriwal's Broom sweeps Hindutva Riots away From Delhi: Zor Ka Jhatka to Modi-Shah

FP Reports : Sadia Halima | 11-02-2020

On February 11 once again Kejriwal’s Aam Aadmi party marks majority to form government for the third consecutive year in Delhi. So achche Beete Paanch Saal, Lage raho Kejriwal slogan proved right and again Acche din for Delhi came up with AAP’s victory. Kejriwal the common man who built himself from zero to 100 today with his calm and cool political strategies, There BJP the national party vanished in front of kejriwal’s Jhhadu (Broom) which clearly indicates Delhi people were in need of Jhadu (broom) for Swachh Delhi.

Today Delhi people gave their mandate by making Kejriwal to hit Hat trick to form his government in Delhi .Earlier BJP star candidates labeled Kejriwal with various names and allegations “Terrorist”, “Supporter of Shaheen Bagh” with which he burnt and flied like Phoenix from the fire set by Hindutva Leaders.

So in post election days BJP were trending in fighting their campaign based on Anti-CAA protest at Shaheen Bagh, Calling Delhi polls as India-Pakistan match and so on. From Top level Home Minister Amit Shah to CM Yogi Adithyanath just bubbled out the hate speech and violence among the public. The main focus of BJP leaders campaign was based on Anti-Nationals, Goli Maron S***on Ko, Shaheen Bagh protestors, CAA-NRC and so on. But they failed to decode the people’s message that “We the people of India stand United against Communalism”.

BJP the national party just encoded violence, Brutality, Slander rather than invoking brotherhood, Development, Harmony among the Public. The helpless BJP thought it would sail away the Delhi elections with the agenda of Hindutva. Even though it failed after power pack campaigning of 70 Union Ministers, 270 MPs and n number of Chief Ministers. Home Minister Amit Shah seen campaigning throughout the month held 33 meeting and eight road shows but all their efforts wasted and ruined because of Nationalism and Hindutva.Parvesh Verma and Anurag Thakur were the top artists of the election who labeled Arvind Kejriwal as Terrorist and Shaheen Bagh Protestors “Desh ke Gaddar” which made them surely to make name in controversial remarks but failed to get constituency seats.

Arvind Kejriwal the labeled terrorist made very clear that in this election his party will fight with the blooming lotus by only highlighting their government achievements and not by pin pointing the blunders or violence created by BJP. Arvind Kejriwal and his party sweeped away the Delhi elections just by focusing on current developments to be made and the past developments been made by the AAP government. BJP the Digital party who took twitter as their battle ground by posting and trending Hashtags like #DelhiwithBJP, #TerroristKejriwal and posted many viral videos of “Mohalla Clinic”, Unhygiene Schools etc. Even questioned Kejriwal “To win Delhi elections against Modi-Shah will he burn whole Delhi ?”,The Biryani remark etc from which Kejriwal shined out as a star and don of Delhi.

Amit Shah the Chanakya of modern politics once again failed in Delhi elections after the bitter loss in Maharashtra. Aravind Kejriwal proved his campaign message “Achche Beete Paanch Saal, Lage raho Kejriwal” to “Achche honge Paanch Saal, Delhi me toh Kejriwal”.So next mission for Modi-Shah is to bounce up again and fight for Bihar Province.