Karnataka to replicate Korean model to fight Covid 19 : Trace ,test, treat

Karnataka to replicate Korean model to fight Covid 19 : Trace ,test, treat

To fight Covid-19, Karnataka's health department has drawn up an ambitious plan to randomly test 25,000 individuals in two weeks.

The government wants to replicate what South Korea has done successfully to control the spread of the new coronavirus disease, said Medical Education Minister K Sudhakar. It will focus, he said, on "T3": Trace, Test and Treat.

"This is how we are going to fight the coronavirus...This is the line of defence; this is the line of treatment that the Karnataka government is going to implement," he said.

According to reports, South Korea has implemented T3 and has conducted more diagnostic tests than any other country: around 10,000 per day. This has helped them detect patients early and tackle the spread of Covid-19.

K Sudhakar said 31 fever clinics would begin functioning across Bengaluru starting Thursday.

"On a pilot project, we are laying emphasis on creating 31 fever clinics as a first line screening for...symptomatic and asymptomatic patients [with Covid-19]," he said.

But Sudhakar is troubled by the rise in the caseload. "For the last 3 days, there is a slow, steady increase. It is not a good sign," he said, adding that the next two to three weeks would be crucial for Karnataka.

He appealed to the public to stay indoors and isolate themselves