Karnataka: Tensions at BJP meet, BS Yediyurappa cornered by own MLAs

Karnataka: Tensions at BJP meet, BS Yediyurappa cornered by own MLAs

AThursday meeting of Karnataka BJP lawmakers here had to be cut short as around 16 MLAs cornered Chief Minister BS Yediyurappa, voicing disappointment with his working style, his family's involvement in government functioning and funds allocated to MLAs.

Among the dissenting lawmakers were Basangouda Yatnal, Siddu Savadi, Poornima, Raju Gouda, Shivaraj Patil, Abhay Patil and Kalakappa Bandi.

A shocked Yediyurappa said he would put out the list of funds he had allocated to different constituencies.

Twelve MLAs from the coastal Karnataka region raised no issues but have asked for an appointment with BS Yediyurappa to express their disappointment.

"Of course there is disappointment among MLAs," said a lawmaker who was present at the meeting.

"We told the CM that if we bring people from our constituency, he shouts at us in front of them. Don't we have any respect?"

"It's better to not take people to the CM and rather stay from the CM himself."

Meanwhile, an unsigned letter circulating on social media alleges corruption by Yediyurappa's family members and accuses his son Vijayendra of unofficially handling government departments.

The letter says that in Karnataka, there's GST and also "VST": "Vijayendra Service Tax."

This is the second time a letter targeting BS Yediyurappa's family has surfaced in recent weeks.