Javadekar slams Mamata Banerjee for CAA referendum remark

Javadekar slams Mamata Banerjee for CAA referendum remark

Union minister Prakash Javadekar on Friday slammed Mamata Banerjee over her demand for a United Nations-monitored referendum on Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) and National Register of Citizens (NRC).

He said Banerjee's remark during an anti-CAA agitation in Kolkata was an "insult to 130 crore" Indian citizens and demanded that she apology.

"I am surprised with Mamata Banerjee's referendum demand, which is shocking. Bill is approved by both the house after proper debate, therefore her statement is very unfortunate."

Javadekar reiterated that citizens need not fear CAA as it aims to provide citizenship to persecuted non-Muslims from Afghanistan, Bangladesh and Pakistan.

"This provision of this CAA is straight and simple, just to provide citizenship to people are living here from Afghanistan, Bangladesh and Pakistan to six religious minorities," he said.

The minister has mentioned the same point at a session during Agenda Aajtak 2019 a few days ago.

On NRC, he said the exercise will be "so smooth" that nobody will be deprived from their citizenship.

"Whenever NRC will come, it will be so smooth, that nobody will be deprived from their citizenship," Javadekar said.

However, it seems that the government's effort to pacify raging anti-CAA protesters have not helped reduce tension. Protests were held across several parts of the country where people turned up in large numbers to protest against CAA and NRC.

While protests were peaceful in most parts of the country amid Section 144 in place, reports of violence were reported primarily from Uttar Pradesh, Gujarat and Mangaluru.

As of today, Section 144 remains imposed across many parts in the national capital, several districts of Uttar Pradesh and the whole of Karnataka. Internet services have also been suspended across many areas where protests turned ugly on Thursday.