Interpol notice against Nithyananda, wanted in rape, abduction Cases

Interpol notice against Nithyananda, wanted in rape, abduction Cases

The Interpol has asked for help to locate Nithyananda, the self-declared godman who fled India last year amid allegations of rape and sexual abuse. A blue-corner notice to locate, identify or get information on an accused has been issued against Nithyananda on the request of the Gujarat police.

Nithyananda has been seen in videos making bizarre claims in sermons from undisclosed locations.

Last month, Ecuador denied the presence of Nithyananda and said it had rejected his request for asylum. The Embassy of Ecuador also suggested he had left the country for Haiti.

The country also denied reports that he had bought an island.

Nithyananda is wanted by Gujarat Police in a case of kidnapping and keeping children captive at his ashram in Ahmedabad. He was arrested in 2010 in Himachal Pradesh over rape allegations and was also allegedly seen in explicit footage with an actress.

In December, the government cancelled his passport and also rejected his application for a fresh one. Foreign Ministry spokesperson Raveesh Kumar said all its missions and posts abroad had been instructed to help locate Nithyananda.

In a recent video, Nithyananda, usually seen in rust-coloured silk robes and heavy gold jewellery, declared "nobody can touch me" and that no court can prosecute him.

"I will show my integrity to you by revealing the reality and truth to you. Now nobody can touch me, I can tell you the truth - I am Param Shiva. Understand? No stupid court can prosecute me for revealing the truth. I am Param Shiva," Nithyananda said in the video.

"By being here you declared your integrity and allegiance to me... I promise you, no more death for you all," he said, making outlandish claims with a straight face.

The 41-year-old recently announced his own "country" is called Kailaasa, calling it the "biggest Hindu nation" without boundaries. Media reports cited a website allegedly created by Nithyananda with details about his plans for Kailaasa, even as the police and other authorities investigating him for various criminal charges continue to remain clueless about his whereabouts.

Nithyananda claims to be the spiritual head of the Madurai Adheenam mutt in Tamil Nadu.