Initial probe finds both Left, ABVP behind JNU violence,

Initial probe finds both Left, ABVP behind JNU violence,

Primary investigation into the violence on JNU campus has revealed that activists and volunteers belonging to both Left-aligned student unions and ABVP were involved in the attack and intruders from both camps had entered JNU with their faces covered.

Delhi Police on Monday transferred the case to Crime Branch. The Crime Branch has now revealed that both Left and ABVP volunteers were involved in causing violence on JNU campus on Sunday evening.

Delhi Police sources have also said that outsiders were brought inside the university and they are being identified from CCTV footage and viral social media videos shared by students.

Masked men and women entered the JNU campus on Sunday evening armed with rods and sticks and attacked students and teachers while also vandalising several hostels.

The armed gang moved around the campus for two hours and damaged property, injured students and teachers on their way.

While JNUSU president suffered head injuries, around 30 people were left injured in the violence. Both ABVP and JNUSU have accused each other of unleashing violence on JNU campus.

Delhi Police sources are now investigating the CCTV footage and videos from Sunday evening to identify the masked goons involved in the incident.

The police are also looking at WhatsApp chats that are now doing the rounds on social media. Police have verified the WhatsApp chats and identification of the people in the chats is being done.

A day after violence erupted inside the JNU campus, the Delhi Police registered an FIR against unidentified persons on Monday for rioting and damaging property.