India ready to save humanity with 2 Made in India Covid vaccines, says PM Modi

India ready to save humanity with 2 Made in India Covid vaccines, says PM Modi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday inaugurated the 16th edition of the Pravasi Bharatiya Divas (PBD) convention via video conferencing and addressed the Indians living overseas. At the PBD convention, PM Narendra Modi lauded the Indian diaspora for its contribution amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Speaking of the 'Made in India' coronavirus vaccines, PM Narendra Modi said India is ready to save humanity with two indigenous coronavirus vaccines.

PM Modi said, "India used to import PPE kits, masks, ventilators, and testing kits from outside but today our nation is self-reliant. Today, India is ready to save humanity with two 'Made in India' coronavirus vaccines."

"The world not only waiting for Indian vaccines for coronavirus but also looking at how it rolls out largest vaccination program in the world," PM Modi said.

"Today we have been connected with internet from various corners of the world but our minds are always connected with 'Maa Bharti'," PM Narendra Modi said, adding, "In the past years, Non-Resident Indians have strengthened their identity in other countries."

"When India stood in the face of terrorism, the world too got the courage to face this challenge. Today, India is using technology to end corruption. Money worth lakhs and crores are directly being credited to the account of the beneficiary," PM Narendra Modi said.

PM Narendra Modi said, "The ongoing campaign in India to empower the poor of the country is being discussed around the world. We have shown that in the sector of renewable energy, a developing country too can take lead."

Speaking of the coronavirus pandemic that ravaged the country, PM Modi said, "Last year was very challenging but amid these problems, the Indian diaspora did its duty and stood out. The world trusts Indian origin leaders in their countries for social and political leadership."

"In the recent past, Indian origin people have made a place for themselves and shone in their respective fields. We have shown sacrifice, duty, and help in these challenging times across the globe. I feel pride when global leaders appreciate the role of Indians in crucial areas and sectors."

"I pray for the families of those who lost their loved ones this past year," PM Modi said.

"India's history is witness to the fact that whenever anybody doubted Indians and India's unity and determination, they were proven wrong. Many believed during the colonial times that there could never be freedom but we fought united and attained independence. Today we are not only free but a country with a vibrant and strong democracy," PM said.