"India Is Standing Up": Arundhati Roy On Citizenship Act Protests

Author Arundhati Roy on Thursday expressed solidarity with protestors across the country who took to the streets against the Citizenship Amendment Act and said this is a day when "love and solidarity faced down bigotry and fascism".

In a statement, she said the protests have "exposed" the government.

"Still we Rise. India is standing up. This government stands exposed and discredited. This is a day when love and solidarity face down bigotry and fascism. Everybody has joined in to protest against the unconstitutional CAB and NRC.

"We are Dalits, Muslims, Hindus, Christians, Sikhs, Adivasis, Marxists, Ambedkarites, Farmers, Workers, Academics, Writers, Poets, Painters and most of all Students who are the future of this country. This time you will not stop us," she said.

Author and historian Ramchandra Guha was among those who were detained by the police as nationwide protests broke out against the contentious law.