India 2nd largest internet consumer with over 560 million users

India 2nd largest internet consumer with over 560 million users

Over the last few years, India has witnessed an exponential growth in internet usage. After China, Indian is the biggest online market in the world, with over 560 million internet users.

The country has nearly twice the number of users compared to the third-seeded US. It is equivalent to the combined strength of Indonesia, Brazil, Nigeria and Japan, which are also among the top 10 internet consuming countries in the world.

By 2021, India is expected to have over 600 million internet users, more than double the number of users in 2016.

More than 448 million of India's digital population consumes data on their mobile phones. The rural penetration remains considerably low in comparison to urban communities. However, the gap seems to be only decreasing as socio-economic conditions of such communities improve. Also, nearly 71 percent of Internet users are male.

With over 310 million users, the majority of Indian users engage in networking on social media. The user base is expected to increase to around 400 million by 2023. Facebook is the most popular social networking site. Other popular networks include WhatsApp, Google+, and Skype.

Online shopping is another popular activity among Indian users. According to the retail e-commerce revenue forecast, the online e-commerce platform will rake in about $25 billion in 2024, more than four times the revenue it generated in 2016. Mobile shopping has also gained traction among Indians with almost 49 percent of stating that they regularly use their mobile phones to purchase goods or services.