ICU not good: Last words of Hyderabad journalist who died of coronavirus while waiting for oxygen

ICU not good: Last words of Hyderabad journalist who died of coronavirus while waiting for oxygen

A 33-year-old journalist based in Hyderabad had caught the coronavirus and as he struggled to breathe while sitting at the state-run Gandhi Hospital, his family ran from pillar to post to get help. Hours later, the man died of coronavirus and police informed the family later.

The incident has left many shocked at the Telanagana government’s apathy as the family alleged that the journalist himself had dialed his media friends and other contacts to seek help. However, even with the repeated calls, he could only manage to get a seat in the ICU several hours later.

His last text message to his brother Sai shows says, “Icu is not good please will go to private hospital.”

In his last messages, Manoj also said that he was not given any oxygen even when he complained of breathing problem.

The death and a video released by the family narrating the entire incident have triggered outrage against the Gandhi hospital authorities.

Sai said after going to the fever hospital, they were both taken to the isolation ward of Gandhi Hospital as both the brothers had tested positive for coronavirus. Local reports said Sai was released on Monday.

He claimed that initially both of them had to wait for hours to complete the paperwork at Gandhi Hospital and later got admission in a ward where no doctor was present. When Manoj complained of breathing problem, his brother went outside the ward looking for a doctor and the cleaning and support staff told him to wait till the next morning.

In the morning when Manoj rang several of his journalist friends and they approached health officials, including the state health minister, he was shifted to ICU. But there too he had to wait on a wheelchair.

A visibly broken Sai further alleged that it was not hospital authorities but the local police that informed him about the demise of his brother.

Meanwhile several videos of the pathetic condition of Gandhi Hospital have emerged. The hospital is Telangana’s largest dedicated coronavirus facility.

Meanwhile, the state health officials have said, “Some media organisations are spreading false information and creating panic and confusion among people”. The officials alleged conspiracy behind the incident.

“At the Gandhi Hospital, there is capacity to treat more than 2,000 patients and only 247 coronavirus patients are admitted currently,” said the hospital CMO in a statement on Monday after Chief Minister KCR held a high-level meeting with heath officials.