I need a holiday: What MS Dhoni told Simon Taufel, who warned him about 1-match ban

I need a holiday: What MS Dhoni told Simon Taufel, who warned him about 1-match ban

Former ICC Elite Panel umpire Simon Taufel narrated a funny incident involving him and MS Dhoni during a Test match between India and South Africa in Kingsmead Durban in 2010.

Taufel gave an example of how Dhoni remains calm, composed and even maintains his humour during tough situations as he recalled an incident when the then-India captain was being warned of his team's slow over-rate because of S Sreesanth.

Taufel remembered that he went to the dressing room to have a chat with Dhoni and fine him for slow over rate during the Test because of Sreesanth, who was taking 7-8 minutes to bowl an over.

Upon being reminded that he would be banned for another offence, Dhoni just smiled back and gave a reply which stumped Taufel.

“We had come out of a Test match in Kingsmead, Cape Town where one of my good friends Sreesanth had just finished playing a game there and we actually had to fine Dhoni for slow over-rate because Sree takes 7-8 minutes to bowl an over.

"The umpires and MS Dhoni were sitting in the dressing room and we were talking to him about over rates. We told him if he breaks it again in the Test match in Durban, he is likely to have a holiday. He said, ‘that’s okay, I need a holiday, I would like to have a game off. But Sree is not playing this game so don’t worry'.

“He was sitting back on this black leather chair and he is more interested in the quality of the chair and thinking ‘I would like to take this chair home. And we are trying to talk to him about over rates and missing a game and he was so relaxed and so composed. That’s MS Dhoni for you,” Taufel told The Cricket Edge

Taufel, who officiated as an umpire in international cricket for over 12 years, then went on to laud Dhoni for his cricketing brain and temperament on the field.

“MS Dhoni is one of the smartest cricket minds that I have come across in the game of cricket. I don’t say that because he is Indian, I say that because that’s the way I see it. He is an incredible strategic thinker and got a great cricket brain. But he also has a great temperament and tremendous composure,” Taufel said.