Historic fall in GDP, rampant job loss because PM Modi is helping only his friends: Rahul Gandhi

Historic fall in GDP, rampant job loss because PM Modi is helping only his friends: Rahul Gandhi

India has suffered a historic fall in the GDP and crores of jobs have been lost in the past few months because the Narendra Modi government is helping only a few friends of the Prime Minister, alleged Congress leader Rahul Gandhi on Thursday.

"The policies of the Modi government have caused theloss of crores of jobs and a historic fall in GDP. It (Modi govt) has crushed the future of India's youth," Rahul Gandhi said.

In a video message posted on his Twitter handle, Rahul Gandhi appealed to the people to make the Modi government "listen to their voice". He urged people to be a part of the Congress's 'Speak Up for Jobs' campaign being run on Thursday from 10 AM for 10 hours.

Congress chief spokesperson Randeep Surjewala said the promise was of providing two crore jobs every year and claimed that instead of providing 12 crore jobs in six years, 14 crore jobs were "snatched away".

The youth has now woken up and demands an answer, he said.

The Congress, on its official Twitter handle, said, "One devastating policy after another, BJP has snatched away the livelihoods of crores of Indians & pushed our youth into a bleak future." "Join our #SpeakUpForJobs campaign & raise your voices against BJP's misadventures," the party tweeted.

In his message, Rahul Gandhi said even when Covid-19 took the form of a pandemic, he had warned the government that a "storm is brewing up". "In February, I asked the government to prepare but the government made fun of me."

He alleged that instead of taking measures to help the people, the Modi government "waved loans worth lakhs of crores and provided tax relief to the PM's selected 15-20 friends".

On Wednesday, Rahul Gandhi said the lockdown was not an attack on coronavirus but on the poor people and proved to be a "death sentence" for the unorganised sector as it "finished" jobs and small businesses.

"The lockdown was an attack on labourers, farmers and small shopkeepers. It was an attack on our unorganised sector. We have to understand this. We all have to stand against this attack," he said, adding that whatever was done in the name of coronavirus by the government was the "third attack on the unorganised sector".