Hindu community seeks Pak PM Imran Khan's support to build temple in Islamabad

Hindu community seeks Pak PM Imran Khan's support to build temple in Islamabad

The Hindu community residing in Islamabad has demanded to build a temple in Islamabad saying that Pakistan's capital does not have a single temple to cater to Hindu minorities religious rites.

"We need a temple in the federal capital to observe our religious rites", said Islamabad Hindu Panchayat president Mahesh Kumar.

Mahesh Kumar has sought the support of Prime Minister Imran Khan and the authorities of Islamabad to initiate a project to build a Hindu temple there.

"Having a worshipping place of our own is a constitutional right of the Hindus in the federal capital as everyone deserves justice in the state of Medina", said Mahesh Kumar.

He even reminded Imran Khan of his hope of making the country run on the basis of equality and justice.

In 2016, the board of the Capital Development Authority (CDA) allocated at least four kanals (2000 square feet) land in Sector H-9 along with a No Objection Certificate (NOC) to build a temple that could host at least 3000 Hindu families living in the federal capital.

However, the Hindu community living in Islamabad lacked resources to build the temple.

"We have formulated a seven-member committee to address the issues faced by the Hindu community in Islamabad", said Mahesh Kumar.

The committee will aim to not only build a temple but also to develop an education facility along with a cremation ground in the complex.

Mahesh Kumar also said that the Hindu community living in Pakistan should not be judged on having links with India.

"The Hindus living in Pakistan hold allegiance to the country and remain true patriots", said Mahesh Kumar.