Harmful effect of consuming too much protein

Harmful effect of consuming too much protein

1. Weight gain

Protein, when consumed in the right quantity with the right exercises helps in weight loss. But when consumed in excess protein can even contribute to weight gain. You need to be very careful about the portion size if you want to lose weight. High protein diets help in weight loss when consumed in the right way.

2. Digestive issues

Consuming too much protein can also contribute to digestive issues. One can experience constipation or may feel bloated. You must consume protein in limited quantity to avoid any kind of digestive issues. Protein makes your meal heavy which can also become hard to digest.

3. Dehydration

More protein intake can lead to dehydration. You may experience increased thirst. To avoid extreme dehydration you must drink more water.

4. Harmful effect on kidneys

Too much protein can affect your kidneys as well. It can make your kidneys work extra hard to get rid of excess nitrogen and other waste produced. If you are already suffering from kidney diseases then you must strictly avoid too much consumption of protein.

5. May lead to calcium loss

Yes! Consumption of too much protein can affect your bone health. Diets rich in protein can cause calcium loss which is associated with bone-related issues like osteoporosis or poor bone health. Further studies are required to specify the effect of protein on calcium and bone health.