Govt acted on our Covid-19 suggestions in miserly way : Sonia Gandhi

Govt acted on our Covid-19 suggestions in miserly way : Sonia Gandhi

Congress president Sonia Gandhi had said that the suggestions she gave to the government on tackling the Covid-19 crisis, were only acted upon partially. At a meeting of the party’s highest decision-making body, the Congress Working Committee, Gandhi said that “large-heartedness and alacrity from the Central Government are conspicuous by its absence”.

“Since our meeting three weeks ago, the pandemic has increased disturbingly - both in spread and speed,” the Congress president said in her opening remarks.

“I offered our constructive cooperation and suggestions. Unfortunately, they have been acted upon only partially and in a miserly way. The compassion, large-heartedness, and alacrity from the central government are conspicuous by its absence,” she added.

She also said that certain sections of the society, like farm laborers, migrant laborers, construction workers, and those in the unorganised sector, are facing acute hardships. “Trade, commerce and industry have come to a virtual halt, and crores of livelihoods have been destroyed.”

“We have repeatedly urged the Prime Minister that there is no alternative to testing, trace, and quarantine. Unfortunately, testing still remains low and testing kits are still in short supply and of poor quality. PPE kits number and quality are poor,” she said.

The Congress president has written a series of letters to Prime Minister Narendra Modi on different issues related to the coronavirus pandemic since March 23.

In her letters, she has welcomed PM Modi’s decision to provide free 5 kg ration to a person in addition to the entitlements under the National Food Security Act from April to June, and offered suggestions to help counter the adverse impact of the lockdown on the livelihoods of the people.

She has also formed a consultative group of the Congress party, headed by former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, to deliberate on current matters related to the coronavirus outbreak and formulate the party’s views on various issues.