First Indian Army tests positive for corona virus

First Indian Army tests positive for corona virus

A 34-year-old soldier posted in Leh, Ladakh, is the first case of coronavirus in the Indian Army. He has been placed in isolation.

The soldier is from the Ladakh Scouts, an infantry regiment of the Army known as the "Snow Warriors".

His father had returned from Iran on February 27. He was on casual leave and at home when his father arrived. He reportedly rejoined duty on March 2.

His father was quarantined from Feb 29 at Ladakh Heart Foundation and reported positive for coronavirus or COVID 19 on March 6. The soldier was quarantined a day later, and he tested positive on Monday.

Reports say even though the soldier had rejoined his post, he had been staying at his native village and helping his family during the quarantine period.

The soldier's sister, wife and two children are also quarantined in hospital.

Another Indian Army officer has been quarantined at a military institute in Pune with symptoms of the virus. The officer has not been tested yet.

Across India, 147 have tested positive for coronavirus and there have been three deaths.