Fake Aadhaar, official car: 2 Pakistani spies were caught red-handed in Delhi

Fake Aadhaar, official car: 2 Pakistani spies were caught red-handed in Delhi

Delhi Police has detained two ISI agents who were working as visa officers at the Pakistan High Commission. The arrests have once exposed Pakistan’s tactics of using illegal means to harm India.

Sources have told that the Military Intelligence Unit received confidential information a few weeks ago that Abid Hussain and Tahir Khan, working with the Pakistan High Commission, are targeting personnel of the Indian Army to gather confidential information. The two, according to sources, would target and befriend people connected to the Army and introduce themselves as an Indians.

The Military Intelligence Unit started keeping surveillance on them. The intelligence agencies learnt that both of these ISI agents were trying to get information about the defence establishments in India and deployment of Army on border areas. If sources are to be believed, Pakistan’s intelligence agency ISI would give them a list people who are to be targeted.

After learning that Abid and Tahir are going to meet a person in Karol Bagh to get information and documents regarding an Army establishment, a trap was laid to catch them red-handed. A team of Special Cell along with military intelligence caught them near Bikanerwala Chowk on Aryasamaj Road in Karol Bagh area of Delhi and both were asked to come out of their official car provided by the Pakistan High Commission.

When asked about their identity, Abid told the police personnel that he is resident of Geeta Colony and his name is Nasir Gautam. He also handed over an Aadhaar card, however, officials immediately realised that it was fake as the spelling of ‘Gautam’ was typed as ‘Gotam’. When interrogated, both of them confessed that both are nationals of Pakistan and are stationed at the High Commission in Delhi.