Amit Shah slams Congress for delaying Ayodhya Verdict and Kashmir issue for 70 years

Amit Shah slams Congress for delaying Ayodhya Verdict  and Kashmir issue for 70 years

On Thursday Union Home Minister Amit Shah said that Congress tried to delay proceedings in the Ayodhya verdict while speaking at a public rally in Latehar, Jharkhand ahead of assembly elections in the state.

"Every person in the country wants Ram temple in Ayodhya but this Congress party continuously created obstacles," Shah said.

He said the Supreme Court has now given a historic verdict in the Ayodhya land dispute case, paving the way for temple construction at the location of Ram Janmabhoomi.

"We also wanted this matter to be decided by constitutional process through a decision of the court and with the grace of Shri Ram ji, the problem that had been going on for so long has been put to rest," Shah added.

Shah also praised Prime Minister Narendra Modi for tackling issues that have been pending in the country for ages.

Amit Shah also spoke in detail about the developmental work initiated by the BJP government in the state and said PM Modi will ensure that Jharkhand touches new heights of development.

He also accused the Congress of hardly working for the benefit of the state when UPA was in power for 10 years.

Amit Shah also highlighted the Kashmir issue and said that Congress had been stalling the matter for 70 years by not acting on Article 370. He added that the BJP resolved the long-pending issue by removing Article 370 and that the move will usher a new era of development in Jammu and Kashmir.

Amit Shah also urged people gathered at the public rally to vote for the BJP in the upcoming assembly elections in Jharkhand from November 30.