Declare 2019-20 as zero academic year, demands Government School Teachers Association

Declare 2019-20 as zero academic year, demands Government School Teachers Association

Coronavirus cases continue to increase in the country's capital, Delhi. Meanwhile, news of preparations for schools reopening has increased the concerns of parents and teachers. Now, the Government School Teachers Association of Delhi has demanded that the government declare this academic year as zero.

The association said that when the government itself had accepted that the figures are yet to increase in Delhi, it was not advisable to think about reopening schools.

Ajayveer Yadav, General Secretary, Government School Teachers Association Delhi showed concerns about children and teachers' safety if schools reopened.

"Let's not forget what happened in Israel when they opened the schools. We must ensure that this academic year is declared as zero. Even Arvind Kejriwal himself is showing Covid-19 symptoms. So, its not difficult to imagine what the condition would be if schools were reopened," he says.

Ajayveer adds, "More than 100 teachers are now infected with Corona till now and four of the Delhiites lost their lives. We must ensure that schools are not reopened until this pandemic slows down."

Parents tensed about schools reopening
But not only this, but parents of Delhi are also very worried about the possibility of schools reopening. Most of the parents' associations are also demanding that schools should not be reopened at the moment and that the whole academic session should be declared zero.

Father of a class 12 student, Rohit Handa is in a lot of anxiety right now since he heard that the Delhi government is planning to reopen schools.

Rohit is very concerned about the safety of his child and says that if schools reopen, who would guarantee that the child will not get Covid-19 infection?

Rohit says, "I am worried that when my daughter goes to school for examinations, what would be the arrangements for prevention of Coronavirus there? When I see the record new figures in Delhi every day, I worry about my girl, no matter what the government decides. So, declare one year as zero period, as there is nothing bigger than life."

Similarly, Kunal Nischal living in Noida is very concerned about the safety of his child. Kunal's child studies in a private primary school in Delhi.

"Even if Delhi government orders all schools to reopen, I will never send my child to school in the current condition. The government itself believes that children and the elderly may be the most vulnerable, so at the moment, schools should not be opened. True, children's education is being affected, but nothing is more than life," he says.

Aparajita, President, Delhi Parents Association, shares similar views: "When we talk about opening schools in the present situation, it is like sending our child on a suicide mission. We as a parents' association demand that no schools be opened right now. However, for board exams, there can be an exception with precautions."

Schools as Covid-19 isolation centres boost parents's worry
In fact, parents are worried that considering the way Covid-19 cases were increasing in Delhi, and noting the fact that more than 100 teachers who were engaged in the duty of distributing ration in the schools have become Corona positive, sending children to school in this situation was not feasible.

Recently, a large number of local people protested against Delhi Government School at RK Puram where the school had been turned into an isolation centre.

In fact, in view of the increasing corona cases in Delhi, the Delhi government has decided that now, government schools can also be used as isolation centers. Delhi government schools are currently being used as shelter homes.