Covid-19 cases top 2,550, 9 linked to Tablighi Jamaat event test positive in Rajasthan

Covid-19 cases top 2,550, 9 linked to Tablighi Jamaat event test positive in Rajasthan

Over 400 confirmed cases of the novel coronavirus in the last 24 hours ending Friday morning have taken the total number of Covid-19 cases in India past the 2,500-mark while the death toll has reached 70.

As of 11.30 am on Friday, around 40 fresh Covid-19 cases have been reported in Rajasthan, Andhra Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Delhi and Goa, taking the total count past 2,500. The death toll has climbed to 70 after a casualty in Gujarat. The Union Health Ministry, meanwhile, pegs death toll at 56 in India with the number of cases increasing to 2,301 on Friday morning.

Maharashtra has reported the most deaths (17) so far, followed by Telangana (9), Gujarat (8) and West Bengal (6), Punjab (5), Karnataka (3), Delhi (4), Jammu and Kashmir (2), Uttar Pradesh (2) and Kerala (2).

Tamil Nadu, Bihar and Himachal Pradesh have reported one death each.

The highest number of coronavirus confirmed cases have been reported from Maharashtra at 420 so far, followed by Tamil Nadu at 309 and Kerala at 286.

On Friday, 21 fresh positive cases were reported in Rajasthan, taking the state tally to 154. Twelve Covid-19 cases were recorded in Andhra Pradesh. The Andhra tally now stands at 161. Uttar Pradesh saw five fresh cases on Friday. The total number of confirmed Covid-19 cases in Uttar Pradesh is now 126. Two cases were reported in Delhi, taking the count to 295 and one in Goa which had earlier seen five Covid-19 cases.

The Covid-19 cases in Karnataka have risen to 124 and in Telengana to 154. Madhya Pradesh has reported 107 cases, Gujarat 95. Jammu and Kashmir has 70 positive patients so far.

The number of cases have risen to 37 in West Bengal. Punjab has reported 46 Covid-19 cases and Haryana 47. Bihar has 29, while Chandigarh has 18 and Ladakh has reported 13 cases.

Ten cases have been reported from the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. Chhattisgarh has nine positive patients while Uttarakhand has reported seven cases so far.

Assam has reported five coronavirus cases each. Odisha has four cases while Puducherry and Himachal Pradesh have reported three cases each. Jhakhand, Mizoram and Manipur have reported a case each