Coronavirus outbreak: Nearly 5,000 recoveries made across the globe

Coronavirus outbreak: Nearly 5,000 recoveries made across the globe

Deaths due to the novel coronavirus infection have breached the 1,000 mark. But, it seems like there is a ray of hope. While keeping up with the global media’s focus on tapping the number of deaths due to the fatal pathogen, we may have lost track of the number of recoveries that are being clocked in.

In fact, as per the numbers maintained by the Johns Hopkins University, the recovery rate has been increasing rapidly, even as the number of infected persons has risen above 45,000 as of February 12.

Though there is no dismissing the wide gap that exists between the number of recorded recoveries and the number of infections, it gives some hope to learn that a total of 4,849 people have successfully recovered from the disease. Most of the recoveries were reported from Mainland China, with Hubei reporting 2,639 cases as of Feb 12.

Novel coronavirus patients in the other parts of the world have also made progress vis-à-vis recoveries. Thailand reported 10 such cases and Singapore reported seven. Three US patients are also out of danger now while India’s first patient, who hails from Kerala, is also doing fine now.

Medicos across the world are gradually getting a hang of treating and caring for coronavirus patients. Since there is no known drug or vaccine that can treat it, medical attention received revolves around palliative care to ensure that the symptoms do not get severe and patients don’t succumb to secondary conditions such as acute pneumonia.